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December 2001:

The winners of the AUTOAGGRESSOR-tapes - see archiv
for details - should have recieved their copies in the last days.

The subscribers of the IMPLOSION-infoletter
will participate in similiar surprises in the future...

This month awaits you:

cristal cathedral

The track of the month december!


November 2001

This month you can participate in an special

A C T I O N :

12 Copies of the Autoaggressor-Tape "Für Dich"
will be given to the subscribers of the infoletter !
Everything you have to do to get a copy
of the recording you´ll find in the infoletter.
You can participate in this action till the 30.11.2001!

Til the last day of the month - the track of the month: Panik!

Angst - Basic element of human action.
In ordinary situations an usefull reaction,
a breath taking trap in an extreme situation.
Hystery - the end of reason,
the seperation of sense and emotion.
The self-fulfilling prophecy - PANIC.

New track of the month - Panik - awaits you!


October 2001:

Excerpts of the tracks of the new album

"Evolutionsmaschine" are waiting for you.

Everybody, who recieve the monthly infoletter by implosion,
will be regarded next month by something special...
Same to everyone who order the infoletter now!

Of all incoming reactions you can find some
excerpts of this mails under feedback.

The tragical event of the last month has been captured
in the track of the month for oktober 2001 - Hamburg-NewYork.

How close the disaster is to everyone everywhere
has come clear in the fact that the attack on the usa
has also been plannend in Hamburg, Germany.
There is no distance, no chance to look away.
We are all involved.



Mourning: 11.09.2001 - Our world in ashes.

Implosion feels with all Life, which was extinguished.
With all Beeing, which has been destroyed.
Our whole world has been wiped out.

Nevertheless, life goes on. There is no alternative.


September 2001:

After 3 years of construction the new album evolutionsmaschine
(evolution machine) is finished at last. You can find
an excerpt (about 30 seconds) of each track now.

If you have visit this site regulary,
you may know the intro track of the new album,
steril, which has been reedited in a few ways.

A new version of the track cthulhu night, which has been
released on the DCD Compilation "9. Wave-Gotik-Treffen - as it could
have been, according to the GOTHIC Magazine", can you find there too.
An excerpt of cthulhu night has been placed on this site now.

The discography site has been reedit, so take a look.

Thanx for the positive feedback on the new track of the month, arktis.

Every reaction is important and will be carefully noticed!


June - August 2001

Welcome to the world of implosion!

Feel free to look around for informations,
sound examples, releases and more.

To receive the monthly information letter ask for
it at feedback (same procedure if you want to stop it).

You can download an excerpt of the track of the month for
a prelistening or download the whole track during this month only.
Later you can find only an excerpt of the track.

Out of the brute noise projekt AUTOAGGRESSOR
formed implosion in 1998. You can find excerpts
and one whole track for free download of this projekt.

The background sound of this site is an
excerpt of the unreleased track "raunen" -
which can be download down the newssite.

Be welcome to watch the development
of this site and to comment it!

Direct way:


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