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December 2002:

Because of the rerelease of compilation album

"subStanz", on which you can find songs from 5 years of
IMPLOSION, a track from the 1999 release "split/ter",

LEICHENWACHS, is available for free download during
december 2002 as the track of this month...


November 2002:

The time of changing is the time to take a look deep inside of
yourself... The track of the month november 02, divination (part 2),
continues the circle which has been opened in april...

5 years of IMPLOSION you can find on the rerelease of "subStanz".
If you have vistited this site for some time, you maybe
recognize the 3 bonustracks of the reissue, which have
been available here for free download as track of the months.

In the next month you can participate on a special
action if you are recieving the IMPLOSION infoletter...


October 2002:

Again the wheel of the year has turned til the end of
growing... In the night, in which the track of this month,
VERGEHEN, will be gone, the circle will be finished.

Nothing will last except of constant changing
and passing of everything... Which you can feel
in this time and especially in this night the most...

More you can find as usual in the actual infoletter
with monthly news about IMPLOSION and more...


September 2002:

Til the end of this month the new track BEFALL is available
for free download. A noisestructure of uneasy listening.

Beside the old banner, which you can find in the archiv
only, you can use a new banner to link to this site.


August 2002:

In the first week of this month were
two complete mp3 tracks for free download available -
because of the late infoletter last month. You could find
in this time the previous track of the month and the new
one: lärmtrauma, which i still available til the end of month.

Lärmtrauma should have been released on a sampler in
2000, but the sampler has never been published. Now
you can listen to this otherwise placeless piece of music...


July 2002:

IMPLOSION thanks you for your varied feedback,
from which you can find some more examples on this site now...

The special because of the first anniversary
of the IMPLOSION website is finished.
The winners will be regarded with their copies
of the evolutionmachine in the next days.

The mp3 track of the month for free
download in this month is berserker.

In the next IMPLOSION-infoletter you will be able
to read an explanation about this track.


June 2002:

One year ago IMPLOSION has started this website.
To celebrate this first birthday, you can win something special:

Til the end of this month you can still participate in the drawing
by lots cause of the anniversary of the net-activity of IMPLOSION...
All you have to do, is simply to register the infoletter here.
More informations you can find in the history of news...

From now on you also can find this new
banner, which you can use to link to this site:

In this month you can listen to a completly new track again: astral!


May 2002:

A joyful Beltane to you!

Completing the doozen the mp3 track
for free download this month is Prolog
of the current album "evolutionmachine".

On the occasion of the anniversary of this side on 06-20
among all infoletter subscribers several copies of the

album on CDR are drawn by lots. If you do not
belong to it yet, you can simply register here.


April 2002:

From the new album of the IMPLOSION-sideproject AUTOAGGRESSOR
"Ins Dunkel" (into dark) you can find excerpts of the tracks now here:

The sound is waiting, the ritual may start:
Divination (part 1) invites you to discover time...
This is just the beginning - to be continued...


March 2002:

After four years the IMPLOSION-sideprojekt
AUTOAGGRESSOR presents on CDR-album
"Ins Dunkel" (into dark) four new and
extrem dark noise-structures.

The tenth IMPLOSION-track of the month for free
download - Nebelschrei - is waiting for you...


February 2002:

This month you can find relaxation with strömung (current),
the track of february. Arised out of an early track from
the split/ter album, you can now listen to this new version.

For everyone, who recieve the monthly infoletter by
implosion, there will be something special this month...


January 2002:

A happy - well, at least a new year!

This year starts with Tote Seelen (dead souls),

the track of the month januar calls for your click...


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