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December 2003

This month the track of the month NAHTOD (NEAR DEATH) tells a story
in the language of noise about the phenome of near death experiences...


November 2003

Happy Samhain!

The new track of the month VERGLÜHEN
is calling for your attention...

The track will be released soon on the CDR-Single REALITÄTSVERLUST
(GRAD 3), but you can get this track on mp3 now...


October 2003

Darkness comes close this Month...
The bright days are gone, the time of silence has come...
The track of the month october 2003 is capturing this: SCHWELLE

A new banner is available.


September 2003

The track of the month september 2003 is now available
for free download as mp3:REALITÄTSVERLUST (level 1)


August 2003

On the occasion of energetic reconciliation
in the hot phase of this summer the
current track of the month, WELTENREIBUNG,
is now available for free download.

Experience the contact of two worlds...


July 2003

When the Inner Fire burns slowly inside of you...

SEELENGLUT - the new track of the month awaits you...

As all other 25 tracks which has been offered for free downloading before,
SEELENGLUT will be available as an excerpt only after the end of this month...


June 2003

Keep listening to the INNER VOICE, complete mp3 track
of the month june 2003 for free download - and the most
important noise to pay attention for...

The monthly info-letter will keep you informed
from now on as usual after solving the technical problems
of the past. keep in contact for a surprise for all subscribers:
4 past track of the months can you regard...


May 2003

Greetings to Beltane!

Written and created in this magical night,
the track of the month may 2003, HÜLSE,
is now online as mp3 for free download.

Humans have shells, in which the inner light is dimmed
and sometimes close to expire. This track for the
subconscious has been created to help breaking those shells...


April 2003

The track of the month april 2003, ATHAME, awaits you with pulsating energy...


March 2003

You can find on this site the track TRAUMEMPFÄNGER
on mp3 for free download this month. Also will be the
track of the month february still available until 2003-03-15.

The winner of the drawing by lots of the latest action
will be informed in the next days. If you want to
have the chance to be one of those in the future simply
order the monthly infoletter which will inform you
about the noise art projekts IMPLOSION and AUTOAGGRESSOR.


February 2003

The sounds for the subconscious are presented by
FACETTEN this month. Let yourself be part of
a journey inside of your own souls worlds...

Beside that the track of the month january 2003, CATACOMB, will be
available until 03-02-15 because of the - solved - technical problems.

In the discography section the actual samplertrack BERSERKER
on the CD "EXTREME jenseitshymnen 2" has been added.

The recievers of the IMPLOSION infoletter, which will answer until 03-02-15
will have a chance to win a copy of the actual album "subStanz 2002".


January 2003

A T T E N T I O N :

All recievers of the IMPLOSION infoletter can win something this
month. Simply fill in and you can be one of the winners...
You can participate until 03-01-31.

CATACOMB, the track of the month january 2003, is available now til 03-02-15.

The new years day 2003 won´t offer you a new track of IMPLOSION
because of technical problems. The track of the month June 2003,
BANGEN, will be instead available during january 2003. Beside that
you had the chance to download LEICHENWACHS until 2003-01-12.


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